Vacuum Sealed food container 540ml

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Product Description


Premium Vacuum Sealed Porcelain Container:

  • Nano jade porcelain vacuum food container is shaped at a high temperature of 1300 C which makes the porcelain fine and thin with glossy shine that is elegant and beautifully shaped.
  • By adopting nanotechnology, the bowl is anti-microbial and oil resistant.
  • The lid made from high qulity food-level PP, with unique vacuum state for a very long time, much longer than food kept in normal container.
  • The silicon ring inserted in the lid creates the best sealing performance which won't deform under long time use nor gives any smell in high temperature.
  • In addition, the timescale in the lid reminds you the food storage time which is convenient to check at any time.

Durability and long lasting:

  • The high quality food level material make the porcelain container heat resistance and high durable which lasts a long time even used under temperature ranging between -20 C to 120 C.
  • The porcelain container can be used in microwave, refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher.

Extended fresh life:

By using vacuum pumping principle, air is extracted out of the sealed container efficiently to create a vacuum state that extends the fresh life of the food by reducing the micro-organism activity inside the sealed container due to lack of air. This process also preserves vitamin for an extended life.

How to use instructions:

Step1- Vacuum tight

Clasp the bowl with the lid and close the vacuum valve on the lid. Press the middle of the lid for two or three times until the silicon chip is sunken. Now it's in a vacuum state as shown in Figure 1.

Step 2- Vacuum release

Pull the valve on the lid upwarsd and you will hear a vacuum release sound which means vacuum has discharged as shown in Figure 2

Step 3- Open the lid

Once the vacuum has been released, it is easier to open the lid of the container with your thumb and middle figure as shown in Figure 3


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