Jamsoi Chef Knife, White Zirconia Blade Ceramic Knife

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Quick Details:


  •  6"' Chef Knife
  • Matt white zinconia blade
  • ZH Series black ring handle
  • Black PP protective sheath
  • Microfiber cloth (15cm * 15cm)
  • Gift box packaging


Product Description:

Best features of the JAMSOI Ceramic knife are:

  • V3-TECH Blade: V Shape blade designed at angle 4o and cut smoothly.
  • Convex EDGE Ground: Grinded after the V shape blade is formed to make a convex edge. It makes the blade more strong and durable. The process is very difficult, however german advanced technology delivers the JAMSOI'S superior blade quality.
  • 36o golden cutting-edge angle: Convex edge ensures the cutting edge is in a golden angle-36, so that JAMSOI knife's sharpness is enhanced.
  • Blade: JAMSOI ceramic knife blades are as white as jade in perfect light transmittance, without any stain, chromatic aberration, shadow or hidden cracks.

JAMSOI Ceramic knife is produced from super fine nano scale raw material which is thoroughly refined from the Australian Zircon sand.

A high quality JAMSOI Ceramic knife is made from German rigorous  hi-tech production process which gives the blade its highest  quality, finest density and great strength.

JAMSOI Ceramic knife is manufactured involving significant pressure and high-speed grinding process which makes the blade weightless, it's 3 times less weight than the traditional ceramic knife speaks for itself, the blade quality of a JAMSOI Ceramic knife.


Care and Maintenance Information:

  • Please ensure that your knife is cleaned before the first use. A Jamsoi knife will bring you many years of convenience cutting things with such an ease.
  • Remove the ceramic knife from its knife cover or block
  • Use it by cutting straight on the cutting board
  • Rinse & wipe after each use
  • Place it back in knife cover or block
  • This simple procedure will prevent accident caused by the knife sitting on a counter, in a sink, or else where and it getting damaged

Care & Use:

  • Very ideal for straight cuts of different types of fruits, vegetables and boneless meats.
  • Always use with a plastic or wooden cutting board.
  • Hand wash rinse & wipe (Can use a mild bleach solution for blade discoloration)
  • Store it in a knife block or in its cover in the cutlery tray.

Things to Avoid:

  • Do not cut foods with thick shin such as pumpkin, pineapples, nuts, roots, block cheese and frozen foods.
  • Do not carve, pry or bone as it involves twisting and flexing that requires a more flexible material than ceramic.
  • Never drop the ceramic knife on hard surfaces including in the sink.
  • Avoid hitting against china or flatware.
  • Do not put in the dishwasher as hand washing is recommended.
  • Never put the blade in open flames as ceramic conducts heat.
  • Do not scrape hard surfaces.
  • Avoid turning the blade on its side to smash garlic or other items.
  • Avoid cutting on glass, plates, marble or tile.
  • Do not apply force to the side of the blade.


  • Store the knife in a knife block or in its cover to place back in the cutlery tray.
  • Care should be taken when storing and removing the, knife from a knife block to avoid tip damage.
  • By placing any knife upright (Sharp edge up) or sideways in a knife block reduces wear to the knife edge.


All knives do look dull over time but Cutting-Edge ceramic blades are simply remarkable on the hardness scale as it is harder than any metal.

The best quality about Ceramic knives is that they start out sharper and stay sharper longer. In time, you may notice micro abrasions or nicks on the blade's edge depending on the care given to it. The existence of microchips does not necessarily mean the knife has lost its effectiveness. You will find that it performs well for quite some time.


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