It’s oil resistant! I was quite skeptical when I ordered my first container but can confirm it’s 100% true. I love Tupperware as much as the next domestic god/goddess but hate the feeling of oily containers and can’t stand the look of stained plastic – especially after a curry. This porcelain collection is perfect for absolutely everything. I love meal prep, leftovers and having a fridge of well-sealed and secured foods that stay fresh. The lifespan of my fresh produce has improved noticeably with vegetables staying crispy and just generally being preserved incredibly well. I always avoid using glad wrap/clingfilm because it’s impractical and wasteful – just doing my bit to reduce my environmental impact – and these look far better than a fridge full of plastic film. Other than being sustainable these little gems are also microwave safe, saving me on time and dishes. There’s also a timescale built into the lid which is great for someone like me with a terrible concept of time! I just love these and can’t recommend them enough!


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