I honestly didn’t know the difference between a zirconia blade and a stainless-steel blade, it was the ‘buy 1 get 1 free’ that sold me but now that I’ve seen, felt and used the Jamsoi there is no going back. It’s noticeably lighter in weight and somehow maintains its cutting capabilities – it literally glides through everything and makes even the most awkward and difficult foods manageable. As I’ve since learnt, ceramic knives endure acids better than metal and require minimal sharpening. I’ve started using wooden chopping boards to help maintain the sharpness of the blade – I’ve had my Jamsoi for 4 months now and it hasn’t faltered despite daily cooking for a family of 4.

I still don’t know the benefits of the knife being a ‘V3-TECH blade’ and having a ‘convex edge’ but I do know that it’s a fantastic knife that makes even the most stubborn of meats and even pumpkins feel like hot butter. I simply kick myself for not treating myself to quality cooking utensils sooner. In some instances you really can blame the tools!


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