Golf Putting Trainer Kit

This is a great little setup, perfect for all levels of experience. I was surprised at the quality of the kit, it’s really well made, and the design serves its purpose well. It’s a functional and practical gadget that allows you to just practice – no fussing about and no ball collecting, just putting. I was also surprised at the feel of the mat under my feet – quite realistic and natural! I didn’t imagine I would enjoy it as much as I have but it’s become quite a constructive pastime and I even find myself reaching for the putter while on the phone. It’s easy to roll out and easy to pack away and hardly weighs more than my laptop. I’ve used this in partnership with a few tips and tricks I’ve read online over the past few weeks and have noticed an improvement in my technique. It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s improving my technique quite noticeably. I’m very surprised and pleasantly so. I’ll be going pro and making the big bucks in no time, right?!


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