Food Container

A Healthy container with healthy foods always keeps the doctor away.

Now a day’s healthy foods are made with care whereas the container in which it is going to be served is less noticed. This brings a huge difference in health and freshness. Food should stay healthy not only till cooked but also even after the consumption it should remain with the same nutrition values as it is.

Your food containers play such a vital role in the preservation and consumption of healthy food. Make sure your food storage containers are clean and in good condition with air-tight lids to avoid possible contamination.

Beware of containers your foods are stored

Choose robust & non-toxic food storage containers

When food is stored in substandard or imperfect containers, some amount of toxic inevitably gets into the food.  The amount of infection spread might be very hazardous and also the tendency of lethal will increase if the food is stored hot or if the food has acidic content.  

Preserve it from air-tight to eat-right

It is greatest to avoid storing food in plastic containers and instead can use ceramic or porcelain containers.  But if you do use it, use high quality, food grade porcelain food containers

The Best vacuum sealed porcelain food containers in the market

There are various places where you can get the airtight food containers. Even online, you can avail the best one. In that brings you the best quality food container which has an easy lid-lock mechanism.

The lid made from high-quality food-level PP, with a unique vacuum state for a very long time, much longer than food kept in a normal container.

The airtight ring inside the lid creates the best sealing presentation which won't deform under long time use nor gives any odor at high temperature.

Moreover, the lid also helps in the easy opening, so that it will be convenient all the time to eat the food whenever you wish.

Durability and long lasting:

The high-quality material used in porcelain container makes it more heat resistance and high durable which lasts a long time even used under temperature ranging between -20 C to 120 C.

The porcelain container free to be used in microwave, refrigerator, freezer, and dishwasher.

By just Clasping the bowl with the lid and close the vacuum valve on the lid. By Pressing the middle of the lid for two or three times until the silicon chip is sunken it's in a vacuum state. By Pulling the valve on the lid upwards

The vacuum gets discharged and the food is ready to serve.  With the latter, once you push the middle of the lid, it will automatically create a vacuum seal.

It prevents product spilling and leaking until it is opened as it is tightly sealed and made resistant to ensure the product remains uncompromised at all stages of servings.

It also offers great versatility. It not only has healthy aspects, but it also has an elegant design with a sphere-shaped corner which makes serving easier. It will also be an attraction in where ever you carry and also will be a cynosure in your kitchen.

Get the new container and have a hale and healthy life forever.


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