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What our customers have to say about their Special Sale steals:  

In no way would I consider myself a landscape artist or even an avid online shopper but I am so very glad to have discovered Special Sale and this gorgeous ‘Posh Grass’. I recently moved into a little place on the water with a large paved courtyard and patio.  It’s a great space that runs the length of the house and I found myself completely at a loss with how to best utilise it whilst also battling the dirt, leaves and sandy elements that seem to find themselves at home here.

I did a little online shopping and created some Pinterest boards before discovering the Best Online Shop for Special's and I honestly could not agree more –it’s the best. I now have artificial grass that not only brings my outdoor area to life but also acts a barrier between the earthy elements and my home. I no longer have door mats collecting dirt and sliding their way around at each entryway and my Astroturf serves as a much nicer greeting to my feet than any welcome mat.  I found the Posh Grass on sale through Special Sale and saved 40% of what I would have spent elsewhere including an incredibly prompt delivery service of 5 days. 

I ordered what I thought would be too much turf but I found a use for every last centimetre and now have a much safer and greener pool area too.  I was a little skeptical regarding the installation and my ability to do it alone but it was the simplest and most affordable gardening I have ever done.  Cutting everything to size was surprisingly easy as the grass blades themselves serve to cover any indiscretions. 

 I also love the novelty of having an outdoor dining area that’s undercover yet still ͚on the green͛ without the threat of green ants and prickles. I’m very happy with my courtyard, outdoor dining space and pool area and just how low maintenance it is – zero maintenance in fact.  This was a bargain buy that has made me more than happy in my home.  I also love nothing more than seeing people’s reactions to my green oasis and their disbelief when I tell them I did it myself. Online shopping done right with Special Sale!  


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